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We’re ClickSell Studio: Sandy and Kirsty - a mother-daughter team from Brisbane, Australia.

Whether you're a coach looking for great templates to support your clients' progress, or a digital product reseller wanting to fill your shop with top-notch items, you've clicked to the right place. Here's why:

  • Our templates are made by a professional counsellor and communications expert. This means they're practical, useful, attractive and accurate.

  • A data analyst makes sure our templates are what people really want.

  • When you buy our templates, you also get a license to change them however you like to suit your business, and use any way you like - yes, you can sell them! You just can't sell them on with these same rights.

  • You can easily change all our templates to suit your brand and your audience using the free version of Canva or with PowerPoint.

  • You don’t need to be a designer - we’ve made it easy-peasy. Your existing computer skills are all you need.

What's on this page

This page lists all our templates and courses. It's our Everything Page. Most of our products are on Etsy - we're gradually building out our online shop.

So scroll on down to get a great overview of what we offer.

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Can’t find what you’re looking for? We love suggestions from our customers.

How to Convert Canva Templates to PowerPoint 

If you've ever wished that you could convert Canva to PowerPoint so that you can adapt a template for your audience, you're not alone!

At ClickSell Studio, we're always exploring creative solutions to make your design process more flexible and enjoyable.

Here's how you can bridge the gap between Canva's all-in-one features and PowerPoint's familiarity.

convert canva to powerpoint

Templates by Type

Find our templates according the type you prefer. If you'd like to see our templates in categories, keep scrolling, they're right under this section.

Planners and Trackers

Help your clients stay organised with our customisable planners and trackers. Perfect tools for coaches and resellers. Explore now!


Create meaningful connections with custom journals for coaching and reselling. Reflective, functional, and designed for you. Take a look!


Empower learning with our adaptable workbooks. Ideal for coaches who want to add high quality products for their clients. Check them out!


Inspire and engage with our customisable affirmation and motivational quote cards to inspire and motivate. Browse now!

Templates by Category

All the categories for our templates.


Strengthen your business strategy with our tailored tools. Designed for coaches and resellers looking for growth. Dive in!

Goal Setting and Motivation

Equip your clients to reach their dreams with goal setting and motivation tools. Customisable, effective, and ready for you!


Money management simplified for coaching and reselling. Tailor our budgeting and saving tools to your clients' needs. Explore now!


Enhance self-care practices with custom tools designed for coaches and resellers. Empathetic, practical, and ready to go. Treat your clients!


Guide your clients on a spiritual journey with adaptable tools. Ideal for coaching and reselling. Have a look!

Template Kits

Streamline your designs with our customisable template kits. Perfect for product resellers seeking a professional edge. Check them out!

Wellbeing and Mental Health

Support your clients' wellbeing with our mental health tools. Customisable and perfect for coaches and product resellers.

Our Courses

Just one for now - but more on the way. 

Our practical courses are designed for entrepreneurs, coaches, and resellers, to inspire growth, efficiency, and success. Explore now!

What is an Everything Page?

We learned about the Everything Page from Elizabeth Goddard (affiliate link). It's bloody good hey?

if you want to learn the strategy behind creating your own Everything Page, her brilliant course, Show 'Em Everything (affiliate link) is worth every cent of the trifling $9 she charges. Yes, $9.

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