Wellbeing and mental health

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Our Small Talk Conversation Starter Cards are designed for coaches or resellers who want to empower their clients with the art of conversation. These 90 beautifully crafted, rebrandable templates are your key to unlocking engaging and meaningful connections.

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Our Boundaries Journal is the ultimate tool for coaches, therapists, and resellers looking to help their clients establish healthy boundaries. With 31 thought-provoking prompts and affirmations, our customizable journal guides readers through the boundary-setting process, empowering them to take control of their lives and create a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling future.

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Our 42 page Boundary Workbook Template is designed for coaches and resellers, and fully customizable in the FREE version of Canva, offering a comprehensive journey to understanding and defining personal boundaries with a commercial use license.

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Our customizable Heal Your Mother Wound Journal Template is ideal for for coaches, therapists, and digital product resellers to customize in the free version of Canva. 52 pages of prompts to explore the Mother Wound and begin healing.

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Offer Your Customers the Gift of Support with Our Editable Depression Support Workbook Template. Introducing ClickSell Studio's Depression Support Workbook Template, a companion for those navigating the journey of depression. This 45-page, easy-to-edit Canva template is no miracle cure, but it can provide comfort and guidance.

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Conquer anxiety and empower your clients with our Anxiety Workbook Editable Canva Template, designed for resellers, life coaches, and shop owners to provide customizable resources that save time and captivate customers.

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Conquer anger and transform lives with our Anger Management Workbook Editable Canva Template, designed for resellers, life coaches, and therapists to provide customizable, professional resources and generate passive income.

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Urge Surfing is a DBT-inspired workbook for coaches and resellers. It's a valuable tool for managing and overcoming unwelcome cravings and impulses using the proven technique of Urge Surfing, a practice rooted in mindfulness and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), ready for you to customise and brand in Canva.