About Us

Hi there.

We’re ClickSell Studio: Sandy and Kirsty - a mother-daughter team from Brisbane, Australia.

We provide high-quality, customizable digital templates that are designed to save time, increase productivity, and foster deep, meaningful engagement with clients.

But our mission goes deeper - we are driven by a profound commitment to help people grow because our world needs more people who are confident, kind and generous. The coaches and resellers who find us have a similar view of the world, so our commercial use license means we work together to support profound change. 

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Our products are research based, both in content and in market demand. And because they're fully editable in the free version of Canva, the design and customisation process is approachable, regardless of your level of technical expertise. If you can use a computer (and you can, because you're reading this page), you can use our templates.

Each template we provide is a step toward helping to create a richer, more connected world – one where creativity, knowledge, and technology become the linchpin for growth and success.

If you can't find what you're looking for, or want something different than you see, please contact us and we'll do what we can to help!

Kirsty – the daughter

I'm Kirsty, the resident designer, business analyst, and data enthusiast at ClickSell Studio.

My journey with technology started early – from learning to install games on a PC from the DOS prompt at the tender age of 5, to becoming a lifelong gamer.

I've grown up immersed in the world of creation, with paint, glue, yarn, and fabric as my constant companions, thanks to my creative maker mum, Sandy. I've dabbled in lead lighting, pottery, candle making, and even designing colouring books. COVID brought out the knitter and crocheter in me, leading me into the whimsical world of Amigurumi. From dinosaurs to cats, and even an anatomically correct bagpiper – if it's quirky and crafty, I've likely tried making it!

But despite the sewing involved, I'm pretty sure this won't lead me to sewing other things. That's what mothers are for, right? ;)

When I'm not crafting, gardening (such beautiful Aussie flowering plants for the native bees!), or gaming (just call me Master Chief!), my professional life is a blend of business analysis, researching market trends for ClickSell, and customer service. I ensure we deliver high-quality, correct, effective products. I'm passionate about creating templates that not only look great but also serve a purpose.

ClickSell Studio allows me to merge my creative and analytical sides. With every design, I bring my love for creativity and the depth of my analytical skills to the forefront.

At ClickSell Studio, we're not just about creating products – we're about nurturing relationships, fostering personal and business growth, and enabling a chain of positive impact.

Sandy – the mum

Heye, I'm Sandy, a holistic counsellor, coach, IT change manager, and communications professional with 30 years’ experience.

My career began in journalism but quickly pivoted to broader communications work. Ever since the departure of the dinosaurs (kidding!), digital design has been a crucial part of my work life. From developing help guides, cheat sheets, and workbooks for my clients and project teams, I've always been the go-to person for communications, coaching and design solutions.

I've worked with Creative Suite, PowerPoint (to open the door for non-designers), and finally discovering Canva, I've navigated my way through various platforms and many industries to bring ideas to life.

Today, I'm committed to creating valuable resources here at ClickSell Studio, alongside my cheeky but scary-smart daughter and business partner, Kirsty. It's a joy to work on projects that combine my passion for helping people and digital design.

I'm also a maker, with a love story that began when I fell for my mother's sewing machine, breaking every needle as I taught myself to use it, until she finally caught me and got me sewing lessons!

Today, I make clothes, bags of all shapes and sizes, knit, crochet, paint, work on paper crafts, and dabble in my garden.

So, whether I'm in my professional or creative zone, my mission remains the same - to inspire, guide, and empower our customers on their journey to personal, professional and business growth with ClickSell Studio's templates.

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