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The Do's and Don'ts of Copying Your Etsy Listings


We’ve seen this discussed a lot in various groups and there’s a lot of opinions, but here’s why we think it’s smart to think twice before you start copying your Etsy listings.

You might be thinking, "Printables seem easy to reproduce, so why not just copy a best-seller?" There’s a few reasons this might not be the shortcut to success you're hoping for.

Starting Afresh: The Reality of Copying Sold Printables

When you copy a sold printable, you're essentially crafting a brand new listing that won't i…

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Mastering Keywords and Tags: The Smart Way to List on Etsy.


If you're scratching your head about whether to repeat the same keywords in your Etsy listing's title and tags, here's the lowdown: repeating key words won't really help you climb the Etsy search ranks, and it could make your listing look a bit cluttered. Here’s what you can do though.

Etsy's search is pretty smart; it looks at all the words in your title to match what people are searching for.

So, for example, instead of using a jam-packed title like "Printable Journal for Mindset, Mindset Journa…

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