Mastering Keywords and Tags: The Smart Way to List on Etsy.


If you're scratching your head about whether to repeat the same keywords in your Etsy listing's title and tags, here's the lowdown: repeating key words won't really help you climb the Etsy search ranks, and it could make your listing look a bit cluttered. Here’s what you can do though.

Etsy's search is pretty smart; it looks at all the words in your title to match what people are searching for.

So, for example, instead of using a jam-packed title like "Printable Journal for Mindset, Mindset Journal, Journal for Personal Growth," why not simplify it?

A title like "Printable Mindset Journal for Personal Growth" is cleaner and still super effective.

Quick tip: place your main phrase, like "printable journal for mindset," towards the beginning of your title. It grabs attention and can help you out in search results.

Don't Forget About Tags in Your Etsy Listing!

You get 13 tags for each Etsy listing, so use that space wisely.

Tags give you another chance to highlight all the other awesome features of your journal, like its topics, or that it's an instant download. Skip repeating the title keywords and use tags to give extra, helpful details that prospective buyers might want to know.

Here are some tag ideas that are short and sweet but also informative for a mindset journal and can help you get started on your own:

  1. Mindfulness

  2. Self Care

  3. PDF Download

  4. Gratitude

  5. Goal Setting

  6. Mental Health

  7. Instant DL (Short for Instant Download)

  8. Affirmations

  9. Guided Journal

  10. 4 Week Journal

  11. Print At Home

  12. Life Coach

  13. Empowerment

Remember, Etsy tags are limited to 20 characters, spaces included. That means you've got to be a bit creative with your word choices sometimes.

These tags offer a fuller picture of what your journal is all about without duplicating the keywords you've used in your title.

They can help potential buyers discover your product when they search for related topics or needs.

We use eRank to help us develop our keywords - we’ve used it since we started ClickSellStudio and we also use it for our other shops. It just gets better and better! We never develop a product these days before we’ve checked that it’s not just an idea we think it cool - we check that people are actually looking for it to help them. That makes sure we can stay in business!

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