Boost Your Coaching Practice with Challenges


Are you looking to boost your coaching practice with challenges? This can be a strategic approach to client engagement and business growth. Whether you're a seasoned coach, a therapist looking to innovate, or a reseller offering transformative printable products, challenges can breathe new life into your practice or business.

Challenges are more than just short-term tasks; they are engaging, fun, and transformative experiences that can elevate your coaching or therapy practice to new heights, and can boost your printables business with in-demand products.

How Challenges Can Boost Your Coaching Practice


When it comes to keeping your clients committed, engagement is the name of the game.

Challenges offer a structured yet flexible format that invites active participation with clear goals and daily or weekly tasks that clients can look forward to.

It's the difference between giving clients a textbook to read versus an interactive workbook filled with exciting exercises that can make the coaching or therapy journey a more vibrant, compelling experience for your clients.


Accountability is a critical factor that can shape how successful your clients will be in your program.

‘Doing the work’ is challenging in itself, but a structured themed challenge can help provide focus and the checkpoints and deadlines can be motivating. When people know they have milestones to hit or a community watching their progress, they are more likely to follow through with their commitments.

So using challenges to boost your coaching practice can make accountability less of a chore for your clients, and more of a shared journey toward self-improvement.

meditating_indoorsQuick Wins

The psychology of 'quick wins' is both fascinating and highly effective. Completing small tasks and achieving immediate results can boost confidence and morale, setting your clients up for ongoing success.

Challenges are perfect for this.

Whether it's meditating for five minutes a day in a Mindfulness Challenge or jotting down something they're grateful for in a Self-Love Challenge, these quick wins can make your clients feel successful and more motivated to tackle bigger goals in your coaching framework.

Social Proof

Nothing says 'success' like a happy customer. Challenges can be a goldmine for social proof because they can give visible, tangible outcomes in a relatively short period.

Clients who've had positive experiences are likely to share their stories, provide testimonials, or even become case studies.

This kind of word-of-mouth advertising can boost your credibility and attract new clients. Plus, success stories from challenges can be shared in newsletters, social media, or directly in your coaching sessions to inspire others and boost your coaching practice.

Community Aspect

While individual coaching and therapy have their merits, there's something incredibly empowering about going through a journey as a community.

Challenges often come with a social component—whether it's a dedicated online forum, regular group check-ins, or social media hashtags for sharing progress.

This sense of community encourages peer-to-peer encouragement and creates a support network that can help people stay motivated long after the challenge is complete.

How Challenges Can Boost Your Printables Business


In today's fast-paced world, the demand for immediate, valuable content is higher than ever.

For printable resellers, digital challenges offer a unique opportunity to meet this demand head-on.

Challenges are a compelling opportunity to add depth and diversity to your product offerings. Whether your audience is interested in mindfulness, decluttering, or self-love, challenges offer a structured yet flexible framework for creating captivating printables that resonate with your audience.

Speed and Accessibility

One of the greatest advantages of digital challenges is their immediate availability. As soon as a customer buys your product, they can dive right into the challenge. This immediacy is a strong selling point, encouraging impulse buys and immediate engagement.

Lower Overheads

Your product costs are low so you can invest more in marketing and customer engagement strategies. You can also offer the products at a more competitive price point, appealing to a broader audience.

Adding Value

Consider bundling the challenge printable with complementary materials like instructional guides, tip sheets, or related articles. This can enhance the perceived value so you could bump up your price point.

Easy Customization

Your customers can choose to print them at home, use them digitally on a table or in an app, or even modify them to better fit their needs—adding a layer of personalization to their purchase.

Flexibility in Bundling

Digital challenges offer excellent opportunities for bundling with other digital products like e-books, audio guides, or video courses.

Upselling Opportunities

Challenges naturally lead to upselling and cross-selling opportunities. If someone buys a mindfulness challenge, they may also be interested in a meditation audio guide or a curated selection of wellness products. Always look for natural extensions to expand the customer experience and increase sales.

Making it Easier to Create Challenges

We have a great range of challenge templates, ready for you to customise and resell. Yes, all our products come with a full reseller license. You can customise them to your brand, niche, tone and voice and resell as digital or physical products, or even create courses.

How to Use Challenges to Boost Your Coaching Practicelife_coach_working_with_a_client

Integrate Them Into Your Programs

The key to a successful challenge is treat it as an integral part of your overall program.

A challenge is a catalyst that can speed up a client’s progress toward their goals. For example, if your coaching niche is stress management, a 28-Day Relaxation Challenge can give your clients actionable steps to take between your regular meetings.

Or, if you specialize in financial well-being, consider integrating our Money Manifesting or No Spend challenges to provide actionable steps for your clients


Before rolling out any challenge, you must understand what your clients really need. Assess their current situation, objectives, and limitations.

The challenge you choose should align closely with their individual goals and the broader focus of your practice. Tailoring challenges to meet client needs makes your entire program feel more personalized and thoughtful.

For a client struggling with focus and presence, our Mindfulness Challenge could be a perfect fit. Or if you're working with someone who wants to boost self-esteem and personal happiness, our Self Love Challenge might be more appropriate.


Challenges might have a standardized structure, but you can also offer options for clients to tweak the challenge to fit their individual needs or lifestyle. This can significantly increase client engagement and satisfaction.

Whether you opt for the Creativity Challenge to stimulate imagination or the Decluttering Challenge to promote a more organized lifestyle, you can adjust the content to better align with your and your clients' objectives.


Setting measurable goals is a foundational principle in any coaching or therapy practice.

It could be as simple as the number of minutes spent in meditation, stress levels measured on a numerical scale, or any other measurable activity, having these numbers can help you adjust your coaching strategies give your clients a way to see their own progress. That visible evidence of progress boosts motivation and morale.

Our challenge templates all have trackers that can help to meet all these needs.

Community Aspect (Revisited)

While we touched on the community benefits earlier, it's worth repeating how the social aspect can be an effective tool in your challenges.

A sense of community can provide a 'safety net' of support for people in your group. This could be through group chats, weekly webinars, or a dedicated social media group.

The aim is to create a collaborative environment where participants can share their experiences, challenges, and successes, which can enrich the overall experience for everyone involved.

Pro Tips for Boosting Your Business Using Challenges

Start Small

Especially if this is your first time integrating challenges, consider starting with a 7-day challenge to gauge engagement and effectiveness before moving on to longer challenges.

Pilot Test

Before rolling out a new challenge to your entire client base, consider pilot-testing it with a small group of clients to collect feedback and make necessary adjustments.

Set Up Reminders

Use automated email reminders or app notifications to keep your clients on track throughout the challenge.

Celebrate Milestones

Acknowledge and celebrate small wins with your clients. This could be a simple shout-out during a session or a small digital badge they can proudly display.

Be Flexible

Life happens. If a client falls behind, encourage them to jump back in where they left off rather than starting over. The aim is progress, not perfection.

Feedback Loop

Always ask for feedback at the end of each challenge. This will not only provide you with valuable insights but will also make your clients feel heard and valued.

Upsell or Cross-Sell

When a client has successfully completed a challenge, you have a prime opportunity to introduce them to your other services or challenges, encouraging them to continue their journey with you.

Our Templates Make It Easy For You

Challenges offer an incredibly flexible tool that can adapt to virtually any coaching or therapeutic practice.

Our range of rebrandable, editable challenge templates provides a strong starting point. You can customize them as much or as little as you like to suit your professional needs.

How customizable are these challenge templates?

Our challenges are designed to be fully customizable and rebrandable using the free version of Canva. Your existing computer skills are enough to make the templates fully your own.

You can adjust them to align with your coaching style, the unique needs of your clients, and your overall practice goals.

Do I need to be tech-savvy to implement these challenges?

No, our challenges are user-friendly and come with easy-to-follow instructions. Even if you're not tech-savvy, you'll find them simple to integrate into your practice.

Can these challenges be used for both individual and group settings?

Absolutely! The challenges are versatile and can be adapted to suit both one-on-one coaching sessions as well as group therapy or coaching programs.

How do I track the success of a challenge?

Our challenges often come with built-in trackers. This could range from simple checklists to more detailed KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

What if a challenge doesn't resonate with my client(s)?

The beauty of customizable challenges is that they can be tweaked as you go. If you find that certain elements aren't resonating, you can easily adjust to better fit the needs of your clients.

Challenge Yourself to Run a Challenge!

So, if you've been pondering how to boost your coaching practice with challenges, you now have a roadmap!

Challenges offer invaluable benefits like better engagement, solid accountability, quick wins, and enhanced community interaction.

For resellers, the customization options are endless, allowing you to tailor your offerings to your audience's unique needs.

Ready to take the leap? Visit our Etsy Shop to explore our range of fully customizable and rebrandable challenge templates that can help you transform your coaching practice or printables business today.

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