The ClickSell Guide to Final Quarter Business Planning for Coaches and Printables Resellers

holiday stress

The holiday season is a time filled with joy, celebration, and, let's be real, a fair share of social challenges. Whether you're a coach guiding clients through complex family dynamics or a printable shop owner helping customers navigate social situations, this guide is your go-to resource for final-quarter business planning, so you can serve more people during what can be one of the most stressful times of the year.

Why You'll Want to Dive Into This Guide

Client and Customer Transformation

We’re offering actionable strategies that can help you empower your clients and customers, helping them navigate social challenges with confidence and grace.

Business Growth

Specialized holiday offerings can set you apart from the competition, so you can attract new clients and customers looking for targeted solutions.

Deepen Relationships

The holidays are an emotionally charged time. Providing extra support via your coaching programs or printable products can strengthen your client-coach or customer-seller relationship, leading to long-term loyalty.

Ease of Use

We’re floating a huge range of ideas, and many of them are based on ClickSell Studio's customizable Canva templates, making it incredibly easy for you to adapt them to your unique needs. We’re also suggesting some tools that can help you create new products in time for holiday helping and selling.

What You'll Find in This Post

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Section 1 - For Printable Shop Owners

Section 2 - For Coaches and other Service Providers

Section 3 - Interesting Ways to Deliver Your Products

Section 4 - Your 11 Page Checklist

Section 1 - Tailored Strategies for Printable Shop Owners

Imagine ringing in the New Year with a sense of accomplishment, knowing that your printable business had its most successful holiday season yet.

Sounds dreamy, doesn't it?

In this section, we'll dive into the types of printables that are especially relevant during the holiday season and how you can market them effectively. Let's make this holiday season a win-win for you and your customers

Types of Printables to Focus On

Games and Activities for Kids

Why it's Important: Engaging the younger audience can bring joy and increase your customer base - parents are always looking for ways to keep their kids entertained during the holidays.

  • Holiday-Themed Coloring Pages: Consider incorporating popular characters like Santa, reindeer, and popular themes that are trending

  • Mazes and Puzzles: Create mazes that lead to a Christmas tree or puzzles that form a Hanukkah menorah.

  • Educational Games: Think about printables that teach kids about the history or meaning behind different holidays.

If you'd like to make some kids stuff but it seems like a lot - and it IS a lot - we can recommend a lovely tool developed by a woman whose work we love, Amber Jalink. It's an online tool that has literally hundreds of layouts and images that make it so easy to create activity books, and it's less than $30.

Planners for Big Events

Why it's Important: The holiday season is packed with events, and planners can help your customers stay organized.

  • Christmas Party Planners: Include sections for guest lists, menu planning, and decorations.

  • Holiday Meal Planners: Offer templates that help with grocery lists and cooking schedules.

  • Gift Trackers: Create a tracker that helps people keep tabs on gifts they've bought, wrapped, and sent. (you’ll find one in our Christmas Planner)

New Year's Resolution Topics

Why it's Important: The New Year is a time for reflection and setting new goals. Providing tools to help can be incredibly valuable.

  • Goal-Setting Templates: Offer a step-by-step guide to setting SMART goals.

  • Habit Trackers: Design a tracker that monitors daily or weekly progress.

  • Vision Boards: Create a printable template where people can paste images and quotes that inspire them for the coming year.

  • New Year Planner: design one now so people have it ahead of time, ready to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new.

Beyond the Festive Fun: Addressing Social Challenges

But the holiday season isn't just about festivities and celebrations. For many, it brings a unique set of social challenges and stressors. That's where your printables can truly shine, offering solutions that go beyond the surface. Let's delve into how you can create printables that not only entertain but also solve real-life problems during the holidays—all with the help of ClickSell Studio's customizable Canva templates.

Common Social Challenges and How Your Printables Can Help

1. Initiating Conversations at Social Gatherings

Challenge: Who hasn't felt like a wallflower at a holiday party?

Printable Solution: Conversation starter cards can help people break the ice and enjoy meaningful conversations.

Product to Use: ClickSell Studio's Small Talk Conversation Starters

2. Setting Boundaries with Family and Friends

Challenge: Ah, family—the gift that keeps on giving, whether we like it or not!

Printable Solution: A boundaries journal can help people articulate and set their personal boundaries.

Product to Use: ClickSell Studio's Boundaries Journal or Workbook

3. Managing Overwhelm and Anxiety

Challenge: The holiday rush can feel like a snowball of stress rolling downhill, right?

Printable Solution: Mindfulness prompts or a stress-relief journal can help people stay grounded.

Product to Use: ClickSell Studio's Mindfulness Challenge

4. Navigating Introversion in Social Settings

Challenge: For some, the holiday social scene can be draining.

Printable Solution: Introvert affirmation cards can provide the mental support needed to navigate social situations.

Product to Use: ClickSell Studio's Introvert Affirmations

5. Coping with Executive Dysfunction

Challenge: Juggling holiday tasks can feel like herding reindeer.

Printable Solution: An executive function planner can help people manage their time and tasks effectively.

Product to Use: ClickSell Studio's Executive Dysfunction Workbook or Journal

Your Printables Can Change Lives

Your printables can help to turn holiday challenges into holiday cheers. Whether it's helping someone navigate a tricky family dinner or providing the tools for a stress-free holiday season, your products can be the lifeline your customers didn't know they needed.

With the help of ClickSell Studio's customizable Canva templates, you're not just selling printables; you're selling solutions, comfort, and a little holiday magic. So go ahead, light up your creative spark and make this holiday season a little brighter for everyone!


Section 2 - A Coach's Guide to Helping Clients Shine During the Holidays

The holiday season can be a maze of social intricacies for your clients. From navigating family dinners to making small talk at office parties, the opportunities for social stress are abundant. In this section, we'll explore actionable coaching strategies that can help your clients not just survive but thrive during this festive season. Let's empower them to shine their brightest!

Navigate People-Related Challenges with Ease

Looking to make a real impact this holiday season? Why not create specialized mini-coaching packages designed to help your clients tackle people-related challenges that often arise during the holidays?

With ClickSell Studio's easy-to-customize Canva templates, you can effortlessly craft unique coaching materials that resonate with your clients. Add your own colors, branding, and images to make it truly yours. And the best part? You can create these impactful mini-packages using the free version of Canva! Whether you use our suggested package names or come up with your own, you're all set to be your clients' holiday hero.

Navigating Family Dynamics


Family gatherings during the holidays can be a minefield of complex emotions and dynamics.

Coaching Solution

• Use ClickSell Studio's Feelings Wheel to create a mini-course or workshop on understanding and navigating complex family dynamics

Ideas for Naming Your Product

• Family Ties: A Holiday Guide to Harmonious Relationships

• The Holiday Harmony Blueprint

• Peace at the Family Table: A Holiday Guide

The Art of Small Talk at Office Parties


Office parties can be awkward, especially for those who struggle with small talk.

Coaching Solution

Adapt ClickSell Studio's Small Talk Conversation Starters to develop a webinar or e-book on mastering the art of small talk.

Ideas for Naming Your Product:

  • Office Party Pro: Mastering Mingling

  • Corporate Cheers: Small Talk Strategies

  • Mingle Like a Boss: The Office Party Edition

Creating a Mindful Holiday Season


The holiday rush can feel overwhelming.

Coaching Solution

Use ClickSell Studio's Mindfulness Challenge to offer a 28-day program aimed at helping clients stay grounded.

Ideas for Naming Your Product

  • Zen for the Holidays: A 28-Day Mindfulness Journey

  • Mindful Merriment: A Holiday Calm Guide

  • The Mindful Holiday Planner: 28 Days to a Stress-Free Season

Setting Boundaries During the Holidays


Family and social events often come with boundary challenges.

Coaching Solution

Use ClickSell Studio's Boundaries Journal or Workbook as the basis for a coaching package focused on setting and maintaining boundaries.

Ideas for Naming Your Product

  • Boundaries 101: Holiday Edition

  • The Holiday Boundaries Blueprint

  • Setting Boundaries for a Peaceful Holiday

New Year, New Social You


The New Year is a time for personal growth and improvement.

Coaching Solution

Use a combination of ClickSell Studio's products to create a comprehensive New Year's package that includes goal-setting, habit-building, and social skills improvement.

Ideas for Naming Your Product

  • Social Butterfly 2023: Your Guide to a More Confident New Year

  • New Year, New Connections: A Social Skills Bootcamp

  • The 2023 Social Confidence Kit: New Year, New You

Coping with Executive Dysfunction


Juggling holiday tasks can feel like herding reindeer that have cat ancestors.

Coaching Solution

Use our Executive Dysfunction Editable Canva Workbook or Journal templates to create a specialized coaching package that helps clients manage their time and tasks effectively during the holiday season.

Ideas for Naming Your Product

  • Overcoming Executive Dysfunction for the Holidays

  • The Holiday Executive Function Toolkit

  • Mastering the Holidays: An Executive Dysfunction Guide

Building Self-Esteem and Reducing Social Anxiety


Low self-esteem can make social anxiety worse, especially during the holidays when everyone expects more social contact than usual.

Coaching Solution

Leverage our Self Love Challenge Editable Canva Template to design a coaching program aimed at boosting self-esteem and reducing social anxiety.

Ideas for Naming Your Product

  • Love Yourself This Holiday Season: A Self-Esteem Boosting Challenge

  • The Holiday Self-Love Journey

  • Boost Your Confidence: A Holiday Self-Love Challenge

You've got the passion, the expertise, and the heart to make a meaningful impact in your clients' lives, especially during the emotionally charged holiday season. With the help of our customizable Canva templates, you're not just offering temporary fixes but lasting transformations.

When you infuse your unique coaching magic into these templates and create holiday-specific offerings that resonate with your clients, you’ll help them navigate tricky family dynamics, master the art of small talk, or set empowering boundaries. The tools you’ll prepare can make this holiday season not just bearable but truly joyful for your clients.


Section 3 - Innovative Ways to Deliver These Products to Your Clients and Customers

You've got the products and the strategies, but how do you get them into the hands—or inboxes—of your clients and customers?

In this section, we'll delve into creative delivery methods that can enhance the user experience and make your holiday offerings irresistibly appealing. From digital bundles to physical kits, we've got you covered!

Ready to roll these out but not sure how?

Packaging Ideas

  • Digital Bundles: Create a "Holiday Survival Bundle" that includes a mix printables.

  • Gift Cards: Offer gift cards so that customers can gift your printables to friends and family.

  • Subscription Boxes: For both coaches and printable shop owners, consider offering a monthly subscription box that includes a new ClickSell Studio product each month, tailored to the season.

  • Affiliate Partnerships: Partner with other businesses to include their products in your bundles, or vice versa. This can expand your reach and add value to your offerings.

For Printable Shop Owners

  • Digital Downloads: Offer these as digital downloads that your customers can access immediately. Perfect for last-minute holiday stress relief!

  • Physical Kits: If you offer physical products, consider creating a physical holiday survival kit that includes printed versions of ClickSell Studio's templates.

  • Bundled Packages: Combine multiple ClickSell Studio products into a holiday survival package. Offer it at a special holiday rate to entice customers to go all-in!

For Coaches

  • Email Courses: Break down the content into bite-sized pieces and deliver them as a daily or weekly email course. Imagine your clients waking up to a new piece of holiday wisdom every morning!

  • Webinars or Live Sessions: Host a live session where you walk your clients through the product. This adds a personal touch and allows for real-time interaction.

  • One-on-One Coaching: Use the products as a framework for individual coaching sessions, tailoring the content to each client's specific needs.

You Can Make Lives Easier

The holiday season doesn't have to be a maze of stress and social pitfalls for your clients or customers. Whether you're a coach guiding individuals to a more fulfilling experience or a printable shop owner providing valuable resources, our customizable Canva templates are here to support you. From product creation to delivery and marketing, we've got your back every step of the way. Add your own magic to these templates, and let's make this holiday season truly special for everyone!

Section 4: Your Holiday Season Business Preparation Checklist

Cyber Week and the holiday season is a golden opportunity for coaches and printable shop owners to maximize sales and end the year on a high note.

Fill in this form to download - for free - our 11 page checklist that breaks down the key activities you should be focusing on, week by week, leading up to this crucial sales period. Whether you're a coach or a printable seller, this checklist is your roadmap to holiday business success!

The holiday season is not just about sales and metrics; it's also an opportunity to deepen relationships with your clients and customers.

Your offerings, whether they're printables or coaching services, have the power to make a meaningful impact on people's lives during a season that can be both joyful and challenging.

Let us know how you implement these strategies, and let's make this holiday season truly special for everyone involved.

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