Canva Snapping can make you snap!


We love Canva. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. But Canva’s snapping feature can really make you snap!

Snapping is when the item you’re working with jumps to align with another item. It’s stops are aligned with the invisible grid.

You can turn the grid off completely - File> show rulers and guides:

grid off

But, the grid is useful most of the time. You usually DO want to align objects to the grid, and thereby to one another. So if you turn it off to move one item, you’ll have to turn it back on.

Thing is - and you’ve probably noticed this already - you don’t always want the item you’re working on to align exactly with another one.

Even when you zoom right in, you can’t always persuade the item to line up where you want it to. Artificial intelligence is great until it isn’t, right?

Here’s a great trick to bypass Canva’s grid and snap

Click and start moving the item.

Then hold down the CTRL key - probably CMD on a Mac - and it’s like the grid doesn’t exist anymore.

You can move that sucker anywhere you like, align it wherever you like, as long as the CTRL key is held down.

When it’s where you want it, release the key and the mouse at the same time. Snapping will be back on.

Finding this was definitely a moment when our love for Canva started to grow! Hopefully it’s useful for you too.

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