Canva's Find and Replace Feature: How to Make Quick Work of Edits

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With the Canva find and replace feature, you can quickly change all the text in your design by entering one word in the search box and clicking the replace button. This enables you to quickly make small edits that are tedious or time-consuming to do manually. In this article, we’ll cover how to use this feature so you can get more done faster on Canva.

We love Canva, it's fast, slick, intuitive, and they’re adding new features all the time, usually without much fanfare! We stumbled across a much-requested feature recently: find and replace. You can now search for a word or phrase in your design and quickly replace with something else.

Canva’s Find and Replace feature

Almost every piece of software that uses text has a find and replace feature. So it's no surprise that Canva added it to their offering. It's great if you've mistyped a word, or if you're working in a document with US English that you want to change to, say, UK English. Or the other way around.

Canva Find and Replace featureSteps to use the find and replace feature

Open the document you'd like to edit. The images in this post are from our Anger Management Workbook.

Click File in the colour menu bar above the document.

Select Find and replace text - or press Control+F.

anger find and replace

A new window pops open on the right hand side:

Canva find and replace

Type in the word you want to change, and the new word.

If necessary, match the case. Canva shows you how many times the word shows up.

Click ‘replace’ to change only the first one. You’ll be able to see if it’s correct. To keep checking one by one, keep clicking ‘replace’.

If you’re confident about the changed word, click ‘replace all’.


The Find & Replace feature can be a huge timesaver when making quick edits in Canva.

That's all there is to it. We hope this helps make it faster to customise your ClickSellStudios templates. Keep an eye out for more blog posts about Canva!

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