Events and holidays

$27.00 (+ 10% GST)

Our Holiday and Christmas Planner and Journal Template is your canvas to shape joyous moments, crafted specially in Canva for easy customization and rebranding. With the freedom of a commercial use license, resellers have a golden opportunity to offer a planner that's a treasure chest of festive guides and easy-to-use design features, all set to sprinkle a personal touch to the most wonderful time of the year.

$27.00 (+ 10% GST)

Embark on a journey of limitless possibilities with this Ultimate Travel Planner! Designed for ease and elegance, this Canva template is your key to unlocking a treasure trove of opportunities, whether you're a life coach, business coach, or printable reseller.

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Boost your coaching practice or online store with our Commercial-Use New Year Resolution Journal and Planner, a 55+ page editable Canva template complete with journal prompts, habit trackers, and planning tools.