Personal Growth

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Our Self-Sabotage Workbook is a fully customizable Canva template designed to guide users through understanding and overcoming their self-sabotaging behaviors. Ideal for life coaches and resellers, this workbook is packed with insightful prompts and practical resources..

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Discover the Self-Sabotage Prompted Journal, a commercial use template ideal for life coaches and resellers. Easily customizable in Canva, this 45-page journal includes guided prompts that help users navigate and overcome self-sabotage.
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Our customizable Heal Your Mother Wound Journal Template is ideal for for coaches, therapists, and digital product resellers to customize in the free version of Canva. 52 pages of prompts to explore the Mother Wound and begin healing.

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Unleash the power of goal-setting with our comprehensive Planner Template. Step-by-step guidance, holistic life mapping, and dynamic tracking tools empower your clients to realize their dreams, while you save valuable time and grow your business. 28 pages of success-focused content.

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Unlock the key to productivity with ClickSell Studio’s rebrandable life coach Canva planner, designed exclusively for forward-thinking coaches and eager resellers. Packed with robust tools, our intuitive planner empowers you to spark your clients' productivity while enhancing your brand visibility.

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Boost your coaching practice or online store with our Commercial-Use New Year Resolution Journal and Planner, a 55+ page editable Canva template complete with journal prompts, habit trackers, and planning tools.

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The 28-Day Mindfulness Challenge is a versatile, editable Canva template designed for coaches, entrepreneurs, and resellers, offering a structured pathway to mindfulness and well-being, with commercial use rights for diverse audience engagement.